Monday, September 17, 2007

Vineyard Anniversary Party ~ a HUGE HIT!


James and I are lucky....

This past weekend we traveled from Ohio up to Canada. Our VERY DEAR neighbors celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary!!!!!!

We traveled from our hotel to Vineland Vineyards via a chartered bus along with all of the other guests. The sun was beginning to set...Breathtaking...

First, off, the speeches they gave were real tearjerkers. There was not a dry eye in the room!

The slide show, incredible. The food and wine were EXCELLENT.

A BLUSHING moment... when the guests from many other states walked over to me and told me how lovely my work was. I was soo embarrassed. They told me they KEEP all of the invitations I did and line them up in their kitchens. WOW. You see the guests don't throw out our invites! They keep them forever. How cool is that?

Well, we are just so lucky to have such GREAT friends and to share our stationery and artwork with you all.

How lucky are we!

(Bob and Karen featured our bottle invitation w/ my grapes watercolor artwork in cranberry for their save the dates! The invite featured the vineyard on the front, chocolate ink and ES font.)

Elegant dolphin wedding invitations

Custom dolphin wedding invitations and coordinating stationery. I wanted to create a lovely elegant dolphin invitation and stationery. I love the bermuda blue ink and BHS font! The silver inner envelope liner is a PERFECT match, resembling the dolphin's silky skin. As with all of our custom wedding invitations, we can create almost any stationery item... even tote bags!