Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Holidays !! Happy HOL-A-Days!

Happy Holidays !! Happy HOL-A-Days! The merry bells are ringing... Happy Holidayssssssss to you!

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Well, another year has flown by!

What is your new year's resolution this year?

My resolution is to 'stop and smell the roses' again. Taking time to value, give thanks and appreciate life is well worth it!

Also, to walk! For Christmas James bought me a treadmill! I tried going to the gym in the morning but I lose too much morning work time then. So walking in the evening will work out great for me! I am sooo excited.

Happy NEW year to you all!!!!

Enjoy and be safe!

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Monday, December 10, 2007

Oh my...

I was up until 4am researching / genealogy online the other night (morning). If you missed the earlier post... I dabble in genealogy in my spare time (20 years now).

I found I am related to Georgia O'Keefe. (distant, we share the same Great, Great, Great, etc. Grandmother)

I held my mouth and breath in amazement for about 2 minutes.

Very cool.

I can so relate to her. I LOVE flowers. I am a flower freak. When I look at them, especially up close, I feel AT HOME.

Though ... I am so not into skulls.

Well, my mother is upset because I haven't found ONE famous person on her side. Nor have I found any on my husband's side. It's all my dad's side of the fam.

My son asked if he is related to any famous musicians. I told him no. He is a fantastic visual artist. Get a load of the apple HE painted (shown to the right) with watercolor paints when he was 8-years-old!!!!!!!!!! 

Very cool!