Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Happy Halloween!!!!

So... I was born in 1970, I thought I would channel the disco era this year! I even wore the white "go go" boots. GROOVY!

I LOVE dressing up and seeing my friends and family dressed up for halloween. We always have toooo much fun!

On Sunday at our church, Mindi (my dearest friend and our layout artist/client service rep at My Personal Artist) and I dressed up for trunk-or-treat (this is when the kidders walk car to car to receive treats. She was a medieval princess and I was Peggy Sue!

Drum roll please...
My favorite costumes this year... this title goes to...
Congratulations Tina and Warren! My sister and brother-in-law...
Dog "the bounty hunter" and Beth Chapman!

You guys rocked. Creative and clever. "Beth" even ran after her guests as they arrived to the party, "STOP... fugitive! Dog, I got 'em!"

Happy Halloween to you all! Have a safe one!

Peace and Love!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Yellow Hibiscus Flower Watercolor

My MOST favorite flower! Well that is not fair. I have SO many favorites.

By request this yellow hibiscus was hand-painted for FANTASTIC AND WONDERFUL CARIDAD K.!!!! (really... she rocks... one of my favorite brides EVER!) It will adorn her wedding invitations and coordinating stationery!

Printable invitations, fill in invitations, thank you cards, etc. are available with any of my artworks!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hartland Mansion Las Vegas Wedding Invitations

Kristan wanted a custom invitation for her Hartland Mansion wedding in Las Vegas!
I could not resist on the checkerboard heart as the motif! And the RED was an important accent color. I love the font. This pocketfold invitation is perfect for holding informational cards on the right hand side.