Friday, August 10, 2007


August 9, 2007

Mom and I were working quickly against the clock (and the storm) on FedEX deadlines. As soon as I sent out my last two approvals via email, it was too late. We could not head home. The storm hit.

The picture above is the same wall cloud that hovered over our head at the studio. This pic taken by a man in our community.

As I stuck my head out the studio to view this cloud... I was in AWWWWW. I ran out and stood staring. Wow.

Then it hit. The storm was the worse I had seen in person. As if in a trance I stood with the studio door opened about three inches, enough to peek through without getting hit with flying debris and belts of rain or get sucked out of the studio.

It was not a tornado in our area but down the street at Giant Eagle they rushed all employees and customers into their freezer. Brrrrrr.

The tree next to the studio bowed down half its size at least a hundred times and the sheets of rain were amazing and powerful. As the storm rushed by the sprinkle and sporadic lightening that followed was a drop in the bucket.

As we drove home, large tree limbs were down everywhere including on our home. Our electric was off for about 1-1/2 hours at home. Thankfully all is well here.

So, those of you who received very "short" emails from me on Thursday... you now know why. Two of the approvals I was working on were a RUSH. Pun intended!

Disclosure: When a tornado siren sounds or a warning is issued it is best to take cover in the lowest part of the building you are in. Stay away from windows and cover with a blanket if possible. Stay safe and out of harms way. etc., etc.