Monday, December 10, 2007

Oh my...

I was up until 4am researching / genealogy online the other night (morning). If you missed the earlier post... I dabble in genealogy in my spare time (20 years now).

I found I am related to Georgia O'Keefe. (distant, we share the same Great, Great, Great, etc. Grandmother)

I held my mouth and breath in amazement for about 2 minutes.

Very cool.

I can so relate to her. I LOVE flowers. I am a flower freak. When I look at them, especially up close, I feel AT HOME.

Though ... I am so not into skulls.

Well, my mother is upset because I haven't found ONE famous person on her side. Nor have I found any on my husband's side. It's all my dad's side of the fam.

My son asked if he is related to any famous musicians. I told him no. He is a fantastic visual artist. Get a load of the apple HE painted (shown to the right) with watercolor paints when he was 8-years-old!!!!!!!!!! 

Very cool!