Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wedding Invitation Text

I would love to touch on a few very popular questions that often arise...

1. GIFTS. I have been asked... "What do you say...or better yet how can you tactfully say on the invitation that you don't want gifts but would prefer monetary gifts instead? Do you have any examples of wording you could share?"

Here is my answer: According to Peggy Post, wedding invitation etiquette: registry and gift giving information is spread by word of mouth or can be given by inserting into a shower invitation. This information should NEVER grace the wedding invitation. This puts to much emphasis on the gift and not the guest attending which is the most important part of your inviting and hoping the guest can actually attend. Inserting such information can be a turn off for your friends and family. Gifts are the guests choice. My opinion...have registry details in your shower invite. This will spread the word. Have your parent(s), sister(s), brother(s), bridesmaids spread the word. ALSO tell a talkative relative, she/he will spread the word quickly.

2. TIME. Often we are asked... "How do I write out the time on my invite?"

My answer: one o'clock in the afternoon or half after one o'clock in the afternoon. A lot of brides have us change to "half past" however it is up to you.

3. WHAT TO INCLUDE ON A WEDDING INVITATION. For goodness sakes please put your last name. My mother-in-law received an invite with just the first names of the couple. She had NO idea who they were. Also don't forget the location! Your guests do need to know WHERE to go. :-) Here are a few ideas...
1. An opening sentence
2. Your name
3. Fiancé's name
4. An action sentence
5. The wedding date
6. Year
7. Time
8. Place
9. Address to place
10. Reception information if separate card is not used

4. POEMS. "Can I add a poem or quote to my invitation?" Of course. However, please limit the poems on your invite to ONE. We received an order with FOUR love quotes on the invite. Needless to say they did not fit and we had to make a call to the bride. If you love several poems or quotes, print the them and display on different tables at your reception.

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