Monday, March 2, 2009

How to Word Gifts on an Invitation

The question is often asked here at My Personal Artist, "How do I word we want money for our wedding gift?" or "How do we word we do not want any wedding gifts?"

In my opinion and that of many guests (trust me they have called us!) it is NOT proper to print such details on a wedding invitation. Nor is it proper to do so on an alternative card that will be mailed with your wedding invitation. 

On your bridal shower invitation, that is a different story. The person giving the party is allowed to give their guests gift ideas FOR YOU! That is fantastic. Your guests should remember where you are registered for your wedding day then. Parents, Grandparents, Aunts and bridesmaids can verbally tell the guests gift ideas when asked. If you still feel your guests do not know what to give you on your special day tell a vociferous relative and they will certainly get the word out for you!

Another popular idea is to include your wedding website on your alternative card this way your guests will go to your website and see your personal REGISTRY link there. Many of our couples we have worked with do this. offers free wedding websites for you to enjoy!

Remember, during these tough economic times guests certainly don't want to be told how to spend their money. Let's get back to the basics and enjoy each others company and the simple things in life, like LOVE.

For more wording ideas for your wedding invitation and stationery please feel free to view our exclusive collection of wedding invitation wording >>

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