Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day 1 of My Attempt At Calligraphy

I have always ADORED the art of calligraphy! This is Day 1 of my first REAL attempt at this fabulous craft. Not so great. Huh? Frankly calligraphy is a nightmare for a perfectionist. {I am not perfect, I try to do things perfectly.} As each line, curve must be perfect. So HOW is it I can paint flowers, tropical scenes, etc. in such detail. BUT calligraphy is a true challenge for my hand? Most of my paintings are 8.5" x 11" so maybe if the letter were also large, I would better succeed. At any rate... I will continue to practice and enjoy calligraphy as a hobby. WHO knows what will happen? :-)

I prefer that calligraphy be handwritten. However if you must use fonts to mimic this truly spectacular craft I suggest the following fonts / typestyles:

Fonts sold here >

Do you have a favorite 'CALLIGRAPHY FONT' I forgot? Please leave us a comment below and share your favorites with our readers!


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